Julia Brunson 

Brooklyn, NY

Photo by Diego Villarreal

I am a sculptor and a current student at American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, where I am studying to become a mortician, and embalmer. Deeply fascinated by the art and science of the human body, I have dedicated my life to it, and incorporate it into every sculpture I create.

Each piece of work is in one way or another a self portrait; an intimate peak into my darkest experiences in this life. I once felt worrisome about showing vulnerabilities, often retreating back into a protective shell, closing my raw self off from the world around me. Through the facing of a fear that was the door between me and personal freedom, I've allowed myself to explore unaddressed struggles with mental illness, abuse, and c-ptsd. I feel inspired by the power of tapping into my own pain, taking control of it through self expression, and releasing it rather than letting it consume me.

I cast all of my sculptures in silicone, the only material that has the power to truly replicate the feeling and appearance of human skin. After one experiment with silicone three years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to learn everything I can about it. Since then, I have taught myself to sculpt, do mold making, hair punching, casting, and life casting. These are all important aspects and puzzle pieces that have an impact on the creation of each final piece of work. These technical steps have taught me resilience, and built in a sense of structure to my process.. 




Parsons School of Design, NYC

2021- 2023

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